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The Complete List of Chicago Breweries

Craft Beer 101

Like many of you, I’ve got a special place in my heart for good beer. For me, this interest began with my father’s tales of his parents fermenting carboys of soon-to-be beer and wine in their garage when he was growing up. It just so happened that at this time I was a college kid at Indiana University and had discovered my first craft beer, a wheat ale from Upland Brewing Co. in Bloomington, IN. This was a far cry from the nickel drafts served up at the Blue Bird. This led to a period of research on the craft of brewing beer. I knew I had the ability to follow a recipe and I had a penchant for taking on new activities, so thus my brewing period began. In the nearly 10 years since, I’ve brewed up a variety of beers with my pals, some good while others were destined straight for the drain.

Present Day

Fast-forward to present day, and I’m intrigued by the great brewing happening in the city of Chicago and beyond. In November we published “The Complete List of Chicago Breweries”.

This all began as a fun list-making-exercise, which quickly evolved into a map, thanks in part to my discovery of the excellent map making tool, MapsMarker. Our first list and corresponding map became quite popular due to the response from you and countless beer enthusiasts. Various breweries, bars, liquor stores, beer enthusiasts and bloggers have shared the post.

The Complete List of Chicago Breweries

Due to the favorable reviews of our our first map, we decided to take our efforts one-step further and create Pinterest Place Pins: The Complete List of Chicago Breweries.

If you’ve not experimented with Pinterest Place Pins then I’d urge you to try them out. Bookmark this board from Thrillist for the next time you or someone you know exclaims (s)he is bored – “The 312: Everything you need to eat, drink, and do in Chicago.”

Pinterest Place Pins

Back in the fall of 2013, Pinterest introduced Place Pins. Michael Yamartino, the Product Manager heading up this undertaking explained, “Over the past year, we noticed more and more people were using Pinterest to plan trips and collect their favorite places around the world. We decided we wanted to make that process better through Place Pins, which let you add a map to any of your boards.”

Examples of Pinterest Place Pins

  • Specialty Foods Company: create a map tagging locations where their product is sold
  • Restaurant: tag their location to images of their food
  • Brewery: map of local breweries and stores where their beer is sold
  • Wedding Photographer: map of favorite photo locations with samples of photos for review
  • Wedding Planner: map of favorite wedding venues with photos of weddings planned at each location

Why Does This Excite Us?

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